The Online Slot of Syncronite

Reviews of the Syncronite Online Slot Game

The game has an exquisite Art Deco aesthetic, with rose gold control buttons and a chic frame that encircles the symbols. The Syncronite slots game is an amazing sight on computers, as well as mobile devices powered by the Android, iOS, or Windows operating systems at the best rated mobile casino in the United Kingdom. Among the other graphics, you’ll notice highly detailed chips, dice, and a sparkling diamond.

Every spin of 2 or more connected reels results in the appearance of a gilded lion’s head that would look at home atop any Art Deco structure. These may then disclose up to eight symbols on each, and this technique for Splitz symbols provides you many more opportunities to complete combos. The standard number of possibilities to match symbols across all six reels and three rows is 729, however this number can be multiplied by Splitz a great number of times.

If you play the Syncronite slot machine with the highest possible bet, you have the chance to win a large jackpot that is equal to 1,280,00 if the gigantic multiplier of 64,000x comes into play.

How to Play the Slots Game Utilizing Syncronite

The reels may be spun for a minimum bet of 0.10 and a maximum stake of 20.00. While these stakes may appear tiny, they really make it possible for online slots sites to feature a high multiplier of 64,000x. You may adjust your bet by choosing the Plus or Minus tabs on the Coin Value panel, or you can just hit the Max Bet button to place a gamble of $20,000 for the chance to win the most coins imaginable.

Even gamers who have never played a slot machine before won’t have any problem getting started since the controls are as simple to use as they are in all of Yggdrasil Gaming’s games. It comes with Autoplay and quick spin settings, which allow you to set the reels to spin on their own for a certain number of rounds and adjust the pace of the action using a slider button. This gives you more control over the game.

When you click the plus sign (‘+’), a paytable will appear. This paytable will explain how the Splitz system works, as well as how much you may win from each symbol depending on the stake level you choose. The poker chips are the least valued and will only return a maximum of 0.5 times your wager when all six spots on a line are filled with them, but the diamond will pay back 10 times your stake.

Linked Reels and Other Features Exclusive to Syncronite Slots

On each spin, at least two adjacent reels and up to all six reels will synchronize, resulting in the identical symbols being shown on both sets of reels. The Splitz method then splits the three symbols that appear on each reel into a maximum of eight symbols, significantly increasing the number of ways in which you may win. You will have 21,168 distinct ways to line up Splitz symbols in order to win a reward if all six reels are filled with the maximum possible amount of Splitz symbols.

These only stay active for a single spin, after which you will see a new combination of connected reels and split symbols on the subsequent spin. These only remain active for a single spin.

In addition to having a very unique combination of features, the Syncronite slot game does not include any free spins or wild symbols. However, the connected reels and Splitz symbol systems have the potential to produce some significant winnings once they come together.

The maximum wins, return to player percentage, and volatility of the Syncronite slot machine

There aren’t many games that offer a maximum win multiplier that’s as high as 64,000 times your initial wager. It comes to 1,280,00.00 when playing at the highest stakes, which are twenty dollars every spin. The average return to players percentage is 96%, which is a good but not very impressive figure. A game with a high volatility, like Syncronite, awards rewards that are quite high in value but much less often than games with a smaller variance.

Our Syncronite Slot Machine Verdict

The classic emblems of a bell, cherry, and diamond have been updated to reflect today’s aesthetic standards, resulting in a game that looks just great. It appears just as great when seen on a desktop computer as it does when viewed on a mobile device, however the odd Disco-Jazz music may not appeal to everyone.

Because of the game’s extreme volatility, you’ll need to be ready for possibly long stretches between winning spins; thus, you should make sure that your bets are big enough to cover this possibility.

We are huge fans of Yggdrasil Gaming’s Splitz symbol system, which has been used in a number of their other slot games with great success, including Neon Rush Splitz. Although you will not always acquire the maximum amount of symbols on a reel, and rather often, just two adjacent reels will match up, these characteristics are sufficient to make the Syncronite slots game into an exciting title.

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