General Overview of Slot Machines in the United States

U.S.A. has finest doctor-to-daredevil ratio in the world, says stuntman Lance Murdoch on The Simpsons; “bones heal, chicks dig scars.” Probably not the finest ‘advice’ to give a youngster who wants to skateboard across Springfield Gorge, but it is this kind of willingness to play with one’s life that introduces us to USA Flip, a video slot game created by Play’n GO of Sweden. USA Flip is a festival where people perform bike stunts in front of thousands of onlookers; if you make a mistake, there will be lots of people with cameras on their phones to record it. If you can master the arena, you can become a household name. Which camp do you think USA Flip the spot will be a part of?

To continue the Americana metaphor, it’s not some young gun speeding across the country on a motorcycle. No, instead of a human being, a sunglassed eagle with limbs, legs, and a cape dressed in red, white, and blue is riding the dirt bike around this course. His turf is the stadium where all those red, white, and blue fans are gathered. In what is, stylistically at least, a loud, bright, and belligerent appearing game, a partially see-through game grid sits at the center of the stadium.

When compared to other games, USA Flip isn’t exactly the most boisterous or outspoken option. In reality, it is one of Play’n GO’s least tense releases in recent memory. The mathematical model has a medium level of volatility (a score of 4) that may or may not be to your liking. The RTP, however, can be adjusted to a maximum of 96.2% or one of many lesser values; checking the market’s options is a good idea. You may play on any device with a minimum bet of only one cent up to a maximum of one hundred pounds or euros every spin.

The paylines may be changed from 1 to 20 at the player’s discretion, allowing for wagers as little as a penny. The game board consists of 5 reels and 3 rows, and wins are triggered when identical symbols appear on neighboring reels, left to right. Card values J through A appear on the panel, followed by pay icons for gloves, pyrotechnics, helmets, wheels, and bicycles. If you get five of a kind, you earn 20 coins if you get a card royal flush or between 40 and 250 coins if you get a premium flush. In both the main game and the free spins, the final two reels are a prime spot for the highest payout symbols to appear stacked. Finally, wilds can replace any regular pay symbol and have the same value as the highest-paying motorcycle tile.

U.S.A. Reverse: Slot Options

The ‘flip’ aspect of USA Flip is activated here, and the game’s features, including as free spins, near-win Re-spins, and wandering wilds, are available.

No Risk Turns

When three or more Star Bonus Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the playing field, the free spins bonus round is activated. After activation, you’ll receive 12 bonus spins with the reels reversed. All the way up to 120 free games may be won if 3 scatters appear during the feature.


Very close call If the first and second reels are completely covered by the same symbol during a losing spin, a respin will be awarded. All Wilds count towards this total. The other reels stop, and the centre one spins again. The re-spin feature might activate free games.

Running Free

The center reel might go completely wild once a re-spin has been activated. Until it reaches the final reel, this stack of wilds will stroll across the screen, progressing one place to the right with each respin. When the walking wild reaches the very last reel, it causes a respin of all the reels. Instead of progressing to the right during free spins, the walking wild shifts leftward by one position with each respin. Scatter icons cannot appear when the walking wild is active.

U.S. Coin Toss: A Win For Slot

USA Flip is a game that does what it claims to do, whatever else it may or may not do. To complement the flipping feature, there are many American symbols (flags, eagles, etc.) displayed. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the whole coin-flipping scheme wasn’t exactly brilliant. In free spins, the walking stack also moves in the other way from the standard game, and high-pay stacks might appear on the opposite side of the board. While not too complicated, the addition of the flip makes it more probable that victories will be associated with stacking high payouts when they appear on the left rather than the right. More motion from a wandering wild stack is to be expected if it is moving toward the first reel rather than the last.

However, there is not much going on in terms of rewards. With maximum wager and all lines activated, the most USA Flip can produce is 1,000 times the stake, which is exceptionally low for Play’n GO. It’s possible that a larger bet multiplier might be achieved by adjusting the number of active paylines and the quantity of each wager. However, decreasing the number of lines in a game that relies on stacked symbols and stacked wilds would diminish the use of the feature. Even though Play’n GO has recently joined to the list, penny slots are still not particularly widespread, with Pimped being an example of a greater potential option.

So, a less-than-raucous math model and very small winning possibilities accompany this slot with a raucous theme, but the proper player may still have a nice time here. USA Flip’s more relaxed, root beer and hot dog at the ballpark atmosphere may appeal to those who found other complex cycling games, such Dead Rider’s Trail, to be too challenging. Games like Dead Rider’s Trail, on the other hand, put USA Flip to shame in terms of originality, depth, winning opportunities, and potential excitement.

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